Magnesium Lime

Fertilizer with high magnesium content and very high solubility, produced on the basis of dolomite flour. The maximum fragmentation guarantees quick action and a very high inerting power, which is the determinant of the effectiveness of magnesium fertilizers. In Poland light soils predominate, often acidified, in which there are deficiencies of magnesium, and in extreme cases also calcium. Therefore, a very good solution is the use of calcium-magnesium fertilizer. The ingredients contained in the fertilizer will be released gradually during the growing season, without the risk of quickly washing them out of the reach of the root system.

Properly selected fertilization positively affects the yield of individual crop plants through plant development, facilitating germination and affecting effective nutrient uptake as well as beneficial effect on soil structure, which translates into better yield. In Poland, the vast majority of cultivated plants requires slightly acidic soils - with a pH close to neutral. Unfortunately, over 70% of soils used for agriculture in the country are classified as acidic and very acidic, which is why it is necessary to periodically liming them. To meet your needs, we have prepared a line of calcium products needed for the proper growth of plants.



calcium oxide


magnesium oxide


water content


Magnesium Lime

EC fertilizer - liming agent

G.1.2b  Magnesium limestone shredded

Use regularly

The right dose

Conscious choice


It leads to the optimal reaction of the substrate to the plants it brings to the soil an important nutrient which is magnesium, additionally calcium. It's beneficial on physical properties of the soil. Contents in the soil humus in the presence of calcium improves soil structure, which contributes to maintaining favorable conditions for plants air and water. Very high solubility stimulates the soil to quickly change pH and proper development i wzrostu upraw.





It improves the structure and increases the sorption capacity

It significantly increases the quantity and quality of the crop

The product is easily soluble

Increases soil biological activity

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